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Soda Caps

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  • Keep Carbonated Drinks Fresh Longer: Capping your can allows you to put it back in the fridge without going flat as quickly or exposing it to refrigerator odors.
  • Compatible With Most Cans: Pop these onto soda, beer, energy drinks, juices, and more. 
  • Ideal For Kids: Keep spills to a minimum by converting an open can into a sealed "bottle."
  • Dishwasher Safe: Made from BPA-Free plastic and holds up in the dishwasher. 
James states, "Although I can see people of any age using these, I can see them most valuable for parents. While they may not be 100% spill-proof, they do keep spills to a minimum, and a lot of kids prefer drinking out of a bottle over a can." Watch the full review on Freakin' Reviews!


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