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Portable Pendant Neck Massager

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Introducing the Portable Pendant Neck Massager - the ultimate tool for soothing sore muscles and relieving tension. Using state-of-the-art EMS Dual-Pulse Technology, this massager transmits pulse currents to the nerve and blood vessel layers, stimulating muscles using a variety of massage techniques.

This massager comes with 4 different massage modes - Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu and Comprehensive, each mode with the capability of 9 adjustable levels of strength to cater to your preference.

Additionally, this massager has a 38℃ to 43℃ adjustable heating mode, which helps to relax muscles and improve blood circulation. The massager is USB rechargeable and has a long battery life of 50 hours of use and 90 days standby time.


  • Wattage:5w                         
  • Weigh:55g
  • Power:5v 
  • Battery capacity:600MAh


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