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MNM 65W Turbo Charger

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Main Features - 
  • Up to 3x faster charging speeds            
  • 66% smaller - smallest on the market
  • Universal compatibility
  • Automatic turbo charging up to 65W

Really fast charging. Like, 3x faster fast.

More wattage means faster charging. Most stock chargers provide between 5W-10W of power. We provide a whopping 65W.

0%-50% charge times


Stock Charger

MNM 65W Turbo Charger

iPhone 11

90 minutes

30 minutes

Galaxy S20

60 minutes

30 minutes


Universal compatibility with 65W turbo charging.

Charge any smartphone, tablet, laptop, headphones, or even a Nintendo Switch 3x faster.

Universally compatible with devices up to 65W.

Charging is 3x faster than stock chargers.

Perfectly pocketable

Cutting-edge Gallium Nitride(GaN) technology lets our hardware be up to 66% smaller than competing chargers without compromising on charging speed or power.

MNM 65W Turbo Charger is small enough to throw into your pocket at a moments notice or keep your laptop powered while only covering one outlet.  

Designed with your safety in mind.

We've built in a dedicated sensor to prevent overheating. MNM 65W Turbo Charger will run at safe operating temperatures even while it's charging at full speed.


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