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LCD Projection LED Display Time Digital Alarm Clock

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This Projection Digital Alarm Clock comes with five music alarms and a built-in loudspeaker, offering clear and appropriately volume sound. The projection is clear, and the sound is loud, ensuring you won't miss any important alarms.

You can easily switch between 12-hour and 24-hour time formats and choose Fahrenheit or Celsius for the temperature display.

It features a blue or green backlight and supports 24-hour voice reporting of the temperature as well as 15-hour intelligent voice reporting.

You can set multiple music alarms and enjoy a snooze function with 10-minute intervals.

The clock also offers a one-button switch for time reporting, snoozing, and alarms, making it very convenient to use. 


Alarm clock size: about 9*9*10.5CM Weight: about 188 grams. Use 3 AAA carbon batteries or DC5V or USB5V for power supply.

*Batteries Are Not Included*


1) mode is a function key, press it to adjust the time, hr to adjust the time, min to adjust the minutes

                Press 2 times to adjust the alarm

                Press 3 times to adjust the hourly timekeeping option (hr) alarm 24/15

                boot options (min)

2) Normal state Press hr to adjust 12/24 hour display switching

3) Press and hold the hr key and press the min key at the same time to switch the Fahrenheit/Celsius display


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