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Alphabet Clock

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Introducing the Alphabet Clock from SoHo Forever - a unique and fun way to tell time! This innovative clock features a jumble of letters that light up to spell out the time in five-minute intervals. The sleek black finish and bright light up letters give the clock a modern look, while its compact size makes it an easy addition to any space.

Made from ABS and acrylic materials, the Alphabet Clock measures 5.9"L x 2.7"W x 5.5"H and is powered by a USB-C cord (adapter not included). The cord has a length of 41", and the clock operates on a DC 5V voltage. The LED bulb is included and integrated into the clock, and the wattage is 5 W.

This clock is not suitable for outdoor use, and it comes with a manufacturer's 1 year warranty. It also has CE and FCC certifications, and it weighs only 0.3 lb. Assembly is not required, and instructions are included.

Please note that the clock needs to be reset to the correct time if it is unplugged or without power. Bring some fun and innovation to your space with the Alphabet Clock from SoHo Forever.


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