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5Pcs Silicone Lids Microwave Splatter Covers 5 Sizes

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These Silicone Microwave Splatter Covers are perfect solution for safe and easy microwave use without spills or splatters.

These lids come in 5 different sizes, ranging from 4 inches to an extra-large 11.7 inches, fitting a variety of containers, pots, pans, dishes, and more.

Made from premium US food-grade approved BPA-free silicone, these lids are odor-free and safe to use. They are suitable for use on various smooth surfaces like plastic, glass, stainless steel, melamine, and ceramic. They create an airtight and spill-proof seal for reheating and storing food.

These eco and budget-friendly silicone lids help reduce food waste by preserving leftovers in the refrigerator, eliminating the need for wasteful aluminum foil and plastic wraps. 


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