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1 Pc Multipurpose Removable Washable Clear Mounting Nano Tape

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Introducing our Nano Tape, a versatile adhesive solution designed to make tasks easier and more efficient.

Measuring 16ft×1.18in, with a thickness of 2MM and width of 3CM, and a generous 5M length, it can be easily cut to fit any project. The stretchy and flexible nature adds to its practicality.

Cut it to the desired size and length for a tailored fit. Its flexibility allows for easy stretching, bending, and folding to adapt to specific needs.

Crafted from advanced nano-tech acrylic gel, Nano Tape offers exceptional ductility and stickiness. Reusable, traceless, and weatherproof, it ensures a reliable and sustainable adhesive option. Simply wash off any residue, let it dry, and it's ready for reuse.

With strong adhesion properties, the Nano Tape can securely hold up to 2.2lb on smooth surfaces, providing peace of mind for any sticking needs.

This multi-functional tape finds countless applications in homes, offices, cars, closets, bathrooms, and beyond. Attach car phone holders, posters, photo frames, pen holders, wall stickers, hooks, or gadgets with ease. 


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